A prominent part of our culture is that of sustainability.

Colourscapes is an Indo-Chinese technical producer of organic and inorganic colour pigments. Our management team has on average 30 years’ experience in pigment design, manufacturing and international marketing, our combined capabilities deliver exceptional client value.

Sustainable Products


Led by our clients and our pigment engineers, our product range is on a continual programme of improvement, satisfying ever demanding requirements of performance, regulation and environmental impact.


The finest materials, controlled manufacturing processes and robust quality control, it is our attention to colour science that ensures sustainable products.

Sustainable Availability​


Led by our skilled supply chain team, materials management is at the forefront of what we do, equal attention is paid to the quality consistency and availability of our own made products as to the raw materials we use within them.


It is our multiple locations for manufacture and our intimate relationships with our suppliers that ensures sustainable availability.

Sustainable Distribution​

CS - 400 by 300 (2)

Led by our application chemists and our network of technically trained distributors, we work with clients regionally in their markets to ensure our products and services are delivered reliably and on time.

CS - 400 by 300 (3)

It is the application knowledge and logistics capabilities of our infield specialists that ensures sustainable distribution.

Technical Network

Technical Network