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Colourscapes launches a range of mono-azo calcium pigments for a cross range of plastic applications

October 2020

Colourscapes is pleased to announce the launch of our Indian-made range of mono-azo calcium pigments for a cross range of plastic applications, complementing our recently launched diarylide pigments range.

The new mono-azo calcium range includes

PY62 - Infinity Yellow A3-Y062-102

PY168 - Infinity Yellow A3-Y168-101

PY183 - Infinity Yellow A3-Y183-101

PY191 - Infinity Yellow A3-Y191-101

Colouristics & Stability

Following continued investment into technologies and manufacturing processes our new pigments hold advantages for users. They are noted for their excellent dispersion, high colour strength, regulatory compliance and economy in use.

Like Diarylide yellow pigments, Mono-Azo calcium pigments have a broad shade spectrum, but also they have higher heat resistance, better weather and light fastness.


All the products listed are supplied in full compliance with REACH and AP(89)1, BFR Recommendation IX, (EU) No. 10/2011, (EU) No. 94/62 regulations . Further regulatory compliances are available. Contact your local representative for details and samples or contact us at enquiries@colourscapes.com

CS Plastic Yellows Launch final
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