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Colourscapes Expands Manufacturing Capacities at Indian Workshops during quarter 3 of 2020

September 2020

Phillip Myles, CEO, explained

“The capacity increases were at a number of our factories covering wide ranging technologies such as Phthalocyanines, Metal Toners, but especially Azos. India is successfully leading global markets with phthalocyanine pigments, but their market share in Azo pigments is much smaller, limited by available capacities and suitable technologies.

Our recent investments are only a steppingstone in anticipation of our new Azo factory that will commence manufacture in Sarigam in 2021. When our combined facilities will show Colourscapes as having one of the largest capacities to produce Azo pigments in India.

Our programme to increase capacities is to cater for our fast sales growth internationally, as in parallel we took to India some special pigment technologies based on our decades of experience serving our global clients. Our products are appreciated for their market leading characteristics in application, but also by their high levels of regulatory compliance to global standards, we have so far established sales in 24 countries.”

Colourscapes was established by the joining of experienced colour industry professionals, including technologists, pigment producers & pigment intermediate producers, distributors & stockists, who they claim collectively is an unprecedented combination of skills and entrepreneurship, and purposely adaptive to ensure sustainability.

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